About Us

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Hillary & Wayne Thibodeau

We were both born and raised in Mid-Coast Maine, but never dreamed we would own a natural cleaning service here.  After becoming pregnant with our first child in 2009, we saw how amazingly important it was to know what was in our home.  It was vital to us that we avoid exposing our new baby to harmful toxins that are in most of today’s conventional cleaning products.  Through some research we discovered that indoor air contains 5x more contaminants than outside.  Poor air quality has been linked to both short-term and long-term health problems, such as allergies, reproductive disorders and even cancer.

Hillary set out to find a better way to clean with “green” methods.  After realizing how much we loved the home-made eco-friendly solutions, we thought others would also benefit and appreciate them.  In 2013 OrganiClean was established with one simple principle in mind – impeccable cleaning…naturally!