Meet Our Team

Let’s talk about the stars of the show!  We believe strongly in the men and women who make up our commercial and residential cleaning teams.  We firmly believe that it is paramount to the growth of our business that our staff be provided excellent training, treated and paid fairly and supported in their personal and professional goals.  This will give way to exceptional service.

Each of our natural cleaning technicians are fully employed by OrganiClean, have passed a background check, are fully insured by liability and worker’s comp, and have been meticulously trained.  


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Jordan Moore

“I choose to clean organically because I like to know what ingredients are in the cleaners I am using.  Having two little kitties who like to get into everything, it is reassuring knowing the cleaning products I use won’t harm them.  Not to mention how good they smell!!”


Makyna Thomas

“I think cleaning with natural products is the way to go because it is better for the environment.  It is better for not only your health but everyone around you, and it smells better too!”

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Andrew Hutchins

“I was surprised at the result of using natural cleaners.   They smell great, and clean so much better than anything you find at the store.  Best of all at the end of my work day I can still breathe!”


Angela Miller

“OrganiClean is committed to providing eco-friendly cleaning with a smile.  I am so happy to work with a company moving in such a positive direction!”


Rhiannon Heal

"Cleaning naturally is so important!  My home is where my loved ones are including my fur baby.  It is essential to me that there are no harsh chemicals in the space I call home hurting the ones I care so deeply about."